The Social Safe Incubator promotes apps that empower people with their data. The Private Sharing app is required.

Downloadable source code is available for most of these apps if you’d like to build your own.

or just start exploring



When do you post most?

Get a quick insight into when you post to your social media.
It can be quite surprising!
Finsights app


Your private financial dashboard.

View all your financial information in one place. Understand your spending habits, search your transactions and effectively manage your finances.
Finsights app
Happy Not Happy app

Happy Not Happy

Get a quick insight into your mood when you post to your social media.

Analyse your social accounts by using a library, simply grant a one time access so we can analyse your posts.
HealthyMe app


App that puts your health record in your hands no matter where you are.

Download and view your key health information including medications, immunisations, diagnosis, prescriptions & encounters.
HealthyMe app
SocialSafe app


Search, filter & share photos from your social networks in interesting ways.

You can easily search and filter your photos across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr & Pinterest by connecting to your app.
TFP app


Looking for a job? Running for office? Getting married?

It’s a given today that people are checking out your social profiles – before a job interview, before a date, and before you do pretty much anything. 
TFP app
TFP app


Lets find and share your most popular photos from all your social networks.

You’ll get a single shareable image with your top 9 photos. Include us @myprimenine, and we might retweet it.